Turkey Cooking Tips

Author: Suzanne   Date Posted:10 November 2021 

  1. I don't add seasoning to my Turkey when I am cooking. 
  2. Patt the cavity and skin with a paper towel to dry.
  3. I stuff the bird with onions apples or peeled whole oranges.
  4. Rubbing the bird with Oil, Pepper and Salt gives a gorgeous Brown crisp skin.
  5. I sit the bird on onion,carrot and celery. This serves to keep the heat even and is a tasty base for a gravy.
  6. Generally I cook a Wild and Brown rice seasoning on the side or the day before and heat up on the day if necessary. This seasoning is moist and tasty and doubles as a rice salad for  left overs. 
  7. The video in the Bog series says it all!!




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