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Author: Simone Wheeler   Date Posted:10 April 2017 

Have you heard the Turkey Man’s story?

Meet Ewart - aka the Turkey Man

Meet Ewart – aka the Turkey Man

At GreenAg, we have a passion for producing sustainable organic produce specialising in turkey to support the health of future generations.

After being in the agricultural industry for more than 30 years and experiencing health issues, Ewart (aka the Turkey Man) discovered the positive impact turkey meat could have on his health and that of his family and friends.

He set out to explore the possibility of producing free range organic turkey and the rest, as they say, is history.

From early beginnings producing small amounts to feed friends and family, the cry for turkey products has flown through the roof (excuse the pun), as people recognise the versatility and health benefits of adding turkey to the weekly menu.

This high protein product, traditionally eaten at Christmas and Thanksgiving as a whole roast turkey, can now be eaten all year round. GreenAg offers you the choice of both white and red meat and a delicious range of turkey small goods that the whole family will enjoy.


GreenAg turkey products have been used by healthy lifestyle advocates such as:

  • Changing Habits Nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara
  • Organic Paleo Chef and Food Coach Pete Evans
  • Food Health Wellness Business Coach Samantha Gowing
  • Better Homes and Gardens Chef Ed Halmagyi (known as Fast Ed)
  • Chef Alistair Macleod and
  • The Living Room’s resident chef Miguel Maestre

The Turkey Man’s passion to spread the word has resulted in weekends spent at markets throughout South East Queensland and weekdays on the farm just west of Toowoomba, tending to the growing flock of happy gobblers to enable more people to add high quality turkey to their family menu.

If you are in South East Queensland you can look for us at your local weekend market to say hi and sample the delicious cooked products for yourself.

The Turkey Man, his wife Suzanne and son Douglas, continue to work towards producing ethically grown organic turkey meat. GreenAg turkeys are kept calm and nutritionally sound by listening to baroque music while filling up on GreenAg’s own variety of home grown and milled certified organic feed.

At no time during the growing or processing are there any added chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours or fillers.  Our products are totally organic from paddock to plate.

You can add the pure goodness of certified organic turkey to your family meals by checking for outlets in your area. You can order online and have the products delivered direct to your door. Check the website for postage availability in your area. If you’re unsure, contact us directly and we’ll try our best to meet your needs.


Ewart and the team are in the process of developing a new processing plant and meal packages to enable more people to add quality ethically raised organic turkey to the menu.

‘We want to make it even easier for you to include turkey in your weekly menu,’ Ewart said.

‘How good would it be to grab a meal pack out of the freezer and have a meal for your family that is nutritious and delicious?’


Add the pure goodness of GreenAg Turkey to your menu today.

All the best – The #TurkeyMan and Suzanne Sylvester

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