Here are 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make when Purchasing Turkey Meat

Author: The Turkey Man   Date Posted:1 May 2017 

A blog post about 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make when Purchasing Turkey Meat

Most Common Mistake #1

– Not knowing what goes into their feed.

Most use low protein mixes that can create Turkey Pox. Our Proprietary Blend has been specially put together by leading experts to prevent this terrible epidemic commonly found in other farms.

The use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and toxins is rampant within most feed but our Proprietary Blend is chemical and toxin-FREE.


Most Common Mistake #2

– Stress-free birds are tastier.

Did you know stress kills most birds early in their fragile life?

At our GreenAg farm, we play baroque music day and night to relax and calm our rested turkeys.

Our turkeys are kept warm by special heaters during the cold weather.

Stress-free turkeys deliver moist, tender, delicate, mouth-watering and scrumptious meat.

Most Common Mistake #3

– Clean water equals Uniquely Tasting Turkey Meat.

Did you know that water when not treated correctly causes severe diseases to Turkeys?

It sounds Toooo Obvious, However Clean, Filtered water that is daily changed is the key to a healthy turkey and thus a great cut of meat. Hydrated Turkey Meat is definitely more succulent whereas dehydrated turkey meat that comes from turkeys drinking from an unfiltered water supply tastes dry and tough.

The filtered water we use at GreenAg is daily changed with added Ancient Natural Medicine solutions helps build our Turkey’s Immune System right from their early begginings, creating a healthy turkey therefore a succulent and moist meat for your plate.

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